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C.P. McClennan

Author & Poet;
and, yes, he's still stranded in Toronto

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Trust me, you should go into accounting, like your father.

C.P. McClennan's Mother

You did what, with who, for how many jellybeans?

A childhood friend

When an atheist is born,

a kitten kills a god.

Master Jibberish,


Born in Calgary but, after stops in Denver and the British Columbia Kootenays, now living in Toronto for thirty-five years.

He still misses his mountains, dearly.

Married and a father of four with the "empty nest" light nearing like an on-coming freight train.

Writer, blogger, atheist, and occasional coach for those trying to learn about consensual non-monogamy.

Apparently, now an amateur graphic artist as well.

In The Press


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